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Workers’ Compensation Law


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When you get hurt on the job, your work injuries can result in major medical bills, and those need to be paid even if you’re too injured to keep working. You may be entitled to Workers’ Compensation benefits as soon as you are injured.

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What is Workers Compensation?

Utah’s Workers’ Compensation system is designed to assure every worker certain basic rights when injured in the course of employment regardless of fault.  Workplace injuries include accidents and occupational diseases.  Accidents typically result from a specific incident, such as a fall from a ladder, slip and fall, or lifting heavy objects.  Occupational diseases typically happen slowly or gradually over time (or at any time from hazardous exposures). But some accidents happen over the course of several weeks or months. In 2011, we demonstrated to the Utah Court of Appeals that our client had been injured by accident over the course of approximately four months at work. The Utah Supreme Court agreed and upheld our clients’ award. If you were hurt at work, our trusted team can help.

In some situations, an injured worker has a right to receive compensation under both the Workers’ Compensation law and under the civil law. Here are some examples:

  • When an injury occurs as a result of the worker’s use of a tool, piece of equipment or machinery if it was defectively designed or manufactured or inadequate warnings were given to the worker as the end user of the product. In such cases, the manufacturer or another party — in addition to your employer — may be responsible under the civil law for the harm caused.
  • When an injury occurs as a result of the negligence or fault of another person outside your place of employment — such as another driver when you are on the road in connection with your employment, or as a result of the negligence or fault of a person working for another employer — such as a worker on a construction site working for one subcontractor when you work for another. In those cases, the other party or other party’s employer — in addition to your employer — may be responsible under the civil law for the harm caused.
  • When an injury or its long-term consequences are made significantly worse by the negligence of a doctor or other medical provider who treats the injured worker. In those cases, the medical provider — in addition to your employer — may be responsible under the civil law for the harm caused.

Workers Compensation Benefits

To protect your rights under the civil law — in addition to your rights under the Workers’ Compensation Act — it is often critical that evidence is preserved, inspected and photographed on a timely basis. Getting superior legal representation can make the difference between a complete and only a partial recovery for your injuries.

Whether another party will or may become accountable for the harm you have suffered, your employer remains responsible for your injury under Utah’s Workers’ Compensation law regardless of fault. You have five basic rights under the Workers’ Compensation system.

Your Five (5) Basic Rights:

  • The right to receive a weekly compensation benefit while you are totally disabled.
  • The right to have 100% coverage for the medical care required to treat your injury.
  • The right to compensation for any permanent disability.
  • The right to lifetime medical care to treat the effects of your injury.
  • The right to receive certain retraining benefits, if you cannot work due to work injuries.

Utah Workers Compensation Lawyer

Committed to the working people of Utah, we specialize in the practice of Workers’ Compensation law. You can trust our team of experienced professionals to help you with your work injuries. Navigating a workers compensation claim can be tough on your own which is why it’s so important to have an experienced workers compensation lawyer at your side. For unrivaled dedication and dependability, King & Burke has got you covered.

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